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Hope Blooms

Hope Blooms for Hospice Luncheon

Each year at Hope Blooms for Hospice luncheon, we honor the work of Spartanburg Regional Hospice caregivers, and featured speakers share powerful perspectives on end-of-life care.

Hope Blooms also raises money for an important cause: Spartanburg Regional Foundation’s Hospice Special Needs Fund. This fund sustains our Thanksgiving and Easter meals program for patients and their families and covers a wide variety of basic expenses for patients facing financial hardship. The fund also supports bereavement programs, including services of remembrance and other activities that promote healing.

Attending or supporting Hope Blooms is a great way to support families in our community.

The ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 situation pushes us to make decisions regarding upcoming Foundation events including the 2020 Hope Blooms for Hospice luncheon. At this time, we are postponing the luncheon until further notice. 

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For information about becoming a sponsor, please call 864-560-6727.