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Joint Funders

Spartanburg Regional Foundation is not only a funder; we are often a partner, convener, facilitator, and leader.  We are actively engaged in a wide variety of community partnerships outside of our traditional grantmaking. As a local funder, it is important that we partner with a variety of community organizations, including other funders.

Spartanburg Regional Foundation, The Mary Black Foundation, The Spartanburg County Foundation, and United Way of the Piedmont, often referred to as the Spartanburg Joint Funders, are committed to intentional collaboration and coordination across our individual organizations.  As significant funders in Spartanburg County it is important that we work together and, when appropriate, partner on common community efforts. Each funder has its own funding guidelines and application process so we cannot accept joint solicitation requests; instead, organizations are encouraged to contact each funder directly.

For more information about each of the Joint Funders and for contact information, click here