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Healing Arts

The belief that creating art is both healing and life enhancing, lends itself nicely to the use of therapeutic arts activities in hospitals. Research shows that viewing beautiful artwork or listening to a familiar melody increases serotonin levels and instills a sense of well-being, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation Community Healing Arts Program (CHAP) serves many outreach sites throughout Spartanburg County and strives to create a healing environment for the benefit of patients, clients and caregivers. Thus, opportunities to participate in therapeutic art performances and activities are accessible to all community members regardless of their mental/physical limitations, financial limitations or treatment location.

If you would like to give of your creative talents to this important program, please call Kimberly Ward at 864-381-0165.

Regional Fellows

The Regional Fellows program is an interactive learning experience that brings business and community leaders together to explore the complex issues facing Spartanburg Regional and health care in general.

Each year, a group of community leaders immerses itself into the world of health care through this innovative program.

The program lasts for nine months, with monthly meetings covering a variety of healthcare-related topics, including cancer care, new medical technology and other hospital infrastructure. Fellows can also participate in voluntary activities such as shadowing physicians and visiting the morgue.


Volunteers are a vital part of the work of Spartanburg Regional Foundation. Opportunities are available at the Foundation office and at fundraisers throughout the year. For more information, please call 864-560-6727.