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Regional Foundation

Creating an environment of healing through application of the Healing Arts Logoarts.


To provide therapeutic cultural arts activities to patients and their caregivers regardless of mental, physical or financial limitations, as well as educating our community on the benefits of incorporating arts in the healing process and a continued healthy lifestyle.


The Community Healing Arts Program was created in 1997 to promote and foster the use of art in the healing process of patients and their families, and to sustain the well-being of caregivers working with patients. Originally formed through a partnership between Spartanburg Regional and The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg, the Healing Arts began as the vision and passion of Katie Adams Hodge.  

In November 2008, The Arts Partnership recognized that housing the Healing Arts outside of its organization would provide the program with greater opportunities and support its needs to continue to thrive and grow. Thus, The Arts Partnership proposed a complete and permanent transfer of the administration and governance of the Community Healing Arts Program outreach component to the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, which was already home to the hospital portion of the program.

Today, the Healing Arts strives to provide accessible therapeutic programming for community members, regardless of their mental/physical limitations or treatment location.